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BAJSKORV consists of Christian Wright and Juan Monarez

Christian Wright Used to play in an orchestra from fourth grade through high school, when personal and musical differences with the program compelled him to leave it. Playing the guitar as well from 5th grade, he developed a theory early on that the instrument's 6 stings and 22 frets gave one a fairly finite variety of options. He began to broaden his horizons from punk rock into electronic music during high school, and began writing and performing electronic music in 2002 as Buried Electric Cable, during which time he self released two albums.

Moving to DC in 2002, he divided his time fairly evenly between school, political activism and music. During this period he was involved in work on three projects: Bajskorv, Societal Demise (collaboration with Rachael Haywire) and Savage Ideal (solo). At the conclusion of Bajskorv's Scars and Stripes 2008 tour Christian lived in a cabin in North Georgia for a month gathering material for Ghosts Dance Lightly on the Puncheon Floor, a new record from Savage Ideal slated for release in 2009. In May '08 he moved to Denver, Colorado where he current resides.

Juan Monarez was raised with alternative music from an early age and has always sought to perform it. He is a classicly trained painter and created the cover for the second Bajskorv album IRSH TOMB ICH. He helps craft some of the music for Bajskorv but is primarily the lead singer. He writes all his own lyrics and creates all of his own effects. Following the Scars... tour Juan stayed in DC, where he often spins as DJ FIX, and is currently involved in an industrial project called Impulse Control (colaboration with Xavier Swafford of Verigo).

The origins of BAJSKORV date back to 2003 when a terrible modern EBM act at club Nation inspired them to make something different. The two began collaborating in the fall of that year, playing one show under the name Nue Proletkult. Some time later as their sound became harsher the name of the project was changed to BAJSKORV. This group has since independantly released four albums ("BAJSKORV", "IRSCH TOMB ICH", "SCARS AND STRIPES", and "CYBERNETIC OVERLOAD"), all of which are avaibile for free download from Their live show was a staple of the Mid Atlantic industrial scene from 2006-2008, and in the early months of 2008 that show was updated and taken on the road for 22 shows in 16 states. They have just released a remix album (cybernetic overload) and are in the midst of discussions on future collaboration.

Major influences range from aggressive, early industrial acts like Controlled Bleeding and Test Department, to late 90s EBM. Opinions on the state of industrial music today are explored at length in this interview.